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Dream Mythic Masters

23 juli 2020 - 1 august 2020





First of all we would like to thank raider.io for being so helpful with making this season happening. Follow all the updates from Dream Mythic Masters Season 2 on their website.







Dream Gaming is proud to announce our second season of our Mythic Tournament.

All teams who gets approved, will get access to Tournament Realms, where the whole tournament will take place.

We only have spots for 100 teams in this tournament, so be quick and sign up right now!




The rules for this season are:

  • Only EU-accounts can sign up
  • Your account may not have been banned within the last 6 months
  • Each team must have a Team Captain, who will be in direct contact with Dream Gaming via Discord.
  • Your team must consist of 5 players
  • No Spec-stacking during Time Trials of Playoffs
  • Teams are allowed to stream during their practice, and during playoffs
  • Teams who qualifies will get more details about playoffs.
  • 1 player from each team, must be able to stream their matches during playoffs.


  • All dungeons during the tournament will be +19
  • Items will be scaled to 475
  • Cloak will be set to level 15 and there will be no corruption cap
  • Time trials will consist of 3 dungeons with affixes decided by Dream
  • The dungeons will get announced the 19th of July at 20.00 CEST.
  • Teams will get points, depending on how they place during the Time Trials.
  • The 8 teams with most points, will advance to the playoffs
  • Its not allowed for teams to spec-stack during the tournament


  • Playoffs will start Thursday the 30th of July at 12.00 CEST and end Saturday the 1st of August at 23.00 CEST
  • Playoffs will be double elimination
  • All the dungeons for the playoffs will be revealed on our recap-stream, sunday the 26th
  • Before each game in the playoffs, Dream will do a short interview.
  • During the interview, we will have a ban fase.
    • Ban fase:
      • The team captain from each team, will ban one dungeon out of dungeon-pool of 4 dungeons
      • Dream will have decided the 3rd map, which will be revealed on the 26th
    • By implementing this, we are giving more strategic decisions to the games.
  • All matches except the Grand Finals will be BO3
  • Grand Finals will be BO5


  • Gaming Gear from Corsair
  • Blizzard Balance

The Prizepool will be announced the 20th of July


  • 9th of July: Sign ups for the tournament closes
  • 20th of July: Teams will get access to Tournament Realms
  • 23rd of July: Time Trials opens
  • 26th of July: Time Trials ends
  • 30th of July till the 1st of August: Playoffs


  • Dream Gaming will stream and cast all the matches in the playoffs
  • Stream link: twitch.tv/dream_gamingtv

  • Stream schedule:
    • 23rd of July 20.00 CEST: Time Trials begins
    • 26th of July 20.00 CEST: Time Trials ends – Who qualifies for playoffs
    • 30th of July from 12.00 CEST: Playoffs Day 1
    • 31st of July from 10.00 CEST: Playoffs Day 2
    • 1st of August from 12.00 CEST: Playoffs Day 3



Join our discord for more info: https://discord.gg/V4pq2QY


23 juli 2020
1 august 2020
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