To put it mildly, I would describe this last week of match days as being the wildest roller coaster of emotions I have experienced so far as a sports director at DREAM.gg.
Mathias Maersk
Sports Director


2 - 0


16 - 6 - Vertigo

Sunday the 16/5, we play against the Swedish team "Familia" (#105 in the world) in a direct H2H match, who will advance to the quarter finals in the Fragleague Nordic Top Division. Here we start as fire and flame on Vertigo, where we play something reminiscent of the season's most beautiful counter-strike so far. We dominate both the CT and T-side The result was a 16-6 victory, where all our heavy hitters in Tonnes, Meltrox and zibron shot off nicely, supported by LyMZ and Azioom. We therefore end up as 2s in the group, only after Galaxy Racers (#41 in the world), which means we have to go up against SJ on Sunday; a Finnish team that just half a year ago was the top 50 in the world, but since then plunged down to #179 in the world after several player sales and changes. We are very much looking forward to that match!   

16 -13 - Nuke

Then we had to go out on the opponents' home field, Nuke, a map that has been "hit or miss" for us lately. Either we are dominant or we fall through. Here we start on the difficult T-side, which is notoriously difficult. Still, we get the wildest score ever with 12-3 at halftime. Here, even a fortune teller could not convince us that we would not win this showdown 2-0. Still, the CT side falls apart and Familia slowly pulls the fight back on the difficult side. Suddenly it stands 15-13 before we finally close the match with a shotgun and deagle force-buy.

All in all, 3 world-class halves and one single that might have been a little close.

MVP: zibron

Have rarely seen the team be so structured and well thought out. And then he shot nicely at the same time with 20-10.
MVP: Tons

He took the level over from Vertigo and shot nicely at Nuke (28-17).


0 - 1


4 - 16 - Nuke

We go into the fight against AGF great confidence in things after yesterday's successful experience, but quickly become humble. AGF has got the former Astralis and North player, CajunB, on the team card - and it was exactly the same man who did the evil to us at Nuke. He hardly did it alone, as the annoying final score of 4-16 also indicates, but CajunB was in hopla from start to finish. A match we on paper were not going to win anyway, so we had to keep our heads high.


1 - 0

Galaxy of Dreams

16 - 11 - Dust2

Then we go to ESEA, where we have had to start all over again in the ESEA open due to too many team replacements in 2020. Here we won 16-11 at Dust, and are now 5-0 in the league, with 11 games left. Next match is against mYinsanity, the best team Switzerland.


0 - 1


8 - 7 - Nuke (CT)

After the ESEA match, we had to look up to MASONIC, once again at Nuke. Here we come flying from the start and are ahead 5-0 before we look around. However, MASONIC is coming back strong and making our CT side a close affair with 8-7 for us. 

15 - 19 - Nuke (T)

The second half was no different and the match goes in overtime (15-15) after we unfortunately lose a round against guns at the numbers 15-13, where we could have closed the match. In overtime, however, we did not get a foot to the ground, so we unfortunately have to see ourselves lost with the numbers 15-19. 

We are thus 0-4 in the league, of course an ass-hammering annoying start to the season, where we have now lost both 13-16 to the 4th seed from Singularity and 15-19 to the 3rd seed, while we still have a slap to the 2nd seed. So at the same time we must also be realistic and keep in mind that we have met all the pre-favorites to begin with, and still lack all the middle seedings and bottom seedings.

Nevertheless, we have not made an upset yet, which some of the other lower seeding teams have, so we MUST take some victories here and there. Now we meet Tricked next time, who are the double defending Danish champions, so the question is whether the miracle should happen there, or whether we should bet on a final sprint in the last half of the league.
Mathias Maersk
Sports Director