Who is Jens Tønnes, AKA “Tonnes”?

In August 2020, we brought Tonnes in from the cold. At the time, it was a young talent without much team experience, who we took a chance with - and it turned out to be a really good decision. His development has been steep and continuous, where he himself, despite his young age, is always the guarantor of kills on the server. 

If he continues his development at the same pace, his talent will know no bounds.

3 quick questions
In order for you to really get to know Søren, we have asked him 3 in-depth and strategic issues which gives us insight into his complex mindset 😉

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Why, why not?

A hot dog is not a sandwich. If it was a sandwich, you would not have been able to have oceans of ketchup in it at all - which is essential… The closest I can come to an answer, however, is that a hot dog is a holed bread with a sausage in it.

What are the most random facts you know?

To keep otters away from each other while sleeping or relaxing in the water surface, they hold hands.

If animals could talk, which animal would be most rude?

It would definitely be goats. Have you ever seen a buck that looks "happy"? Their sole purpose is to eat the food we give them and stab people who come too close.

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