Who is Søren Geertsen, AKA “zibron”?

In November 2020, a new sheriff came to town. Although Zibron does not use a revolver on the server or cowboy boots outside, he is our beloved captain. With his leadership skills and structured approach to the game, he has been a key figure in the team's success since his arrival. Whether there is a need for insightful calls, opening kills in the rounds or decisive clutches, you can count on zibron.

3 quick questions
In order for you to really get to know Søren, we have asked him 3 in-depth and strategic issues which gives us insight into his complex mindset 😉

What is invisible but which you wish people could see?

20 cm. of my height.

Is Cornflakes soup? Why, why not?

Yes. If you can drink the food from the bowl, it's soup.

What two completely normal things suddenly go completely wrong if you do them one after the other?

Go to bed after breakfast, to be able to eat breakfast again when you wake up.

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