Jonas Sørensen “jonas_sorensen”

Jonas Sørensen “jonas_sorensen”

Name: Jonas Sørensen
Age: 20 
Main game: FIFA 20
Secondary games: Apex Legends, Fortnite, CSGO
What game are you looking forward to in 2020: FIFA 21.

When did you start playing and what did you play?
Started playing CSGO when it came out. Over the years, more games were added and now I play almost everything.

What is your biggest achievement in gaming?
Definitely to be nominated for "Gamer of the Year" for Guldtuben on my old Youtube channel "Kasjo".

When did you start streaming and what inspired you to start?
Started in 2017 and streamed there for a half year. Then I unfortunately had to put the channel on pause since I had to finish my education. But is to bake you again in 2020, with big plans.

What are your goals in streaming and gaming?
To build a channel where there is room for everyone. Channel has to be a place my viewers come in to have fun and have fun! In the future, I dream of being able to make a living by entertaining on through my channel.

Do you expect to attend any live events / LANs in 2020?
Have never participated in one. Would love to try it!

How do you use gaming?
Use it to socialize me and have fun.

Why did you choose to partner with Dream Gaming?
Because I believe that we can help each other a lot and that Dream Gaming has a good concept.

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