DREAM vs. EF Wolves
(16-9 - Overpass)

After our two previous demonstrations of power on nuke against Wolves, they opted out of the veto this time around. Therefore, we came out on Overpass, but it turned out not to make any major differences. With a 13-2 lead at halftime, the match was almost over before it almost started.

MVP: zibron

With 51 kills, including 7 entry kills, and a 1.52 rating, one can not escape the fact that he was the main driving force that made us continue to be undefeated in the league.

Mathias Maersk
Sports Director

DREAM vs. IDK (16-14 - Vertigo)

It should turn out to be a closer showdown than expected. Whether the nerves were out on the clothesline at the thought that the last game of the season could extinguish the dreams of the perfect 18-0 season or not, I must leave unsaid. But at least we started very uncertainly, where we were never ahead before at the numbers 15-14. It was i.a. the round you can see below which was decisive. We are in a 5v5 postplant on the A-site where we actually lose the duels, but the opponent is 0.1 second too slow to dismantle the bomb. Had we lost this round, the match would most likely have been lost. 

MVP: Tons

1.46 rating, 1.68 k / d, 32 kills in open play, 9 of which were entry frags. He was a constant tormentor for the opponents, who happen to be some of his close friends. The question is whether they still are!

Mathias Maersk
Sports Director

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