DREAM.gg vs Singularity

DREAM.gg vs Singularity



0 - 1


2 - 13 - Dust2

We were going against Singularity today, a top 100 team in the world, and Denmark's 7th best team. We could almost figure out in advance that the veto today would end up on dust2 - a map that has caused us problems over the past week. And we start awful to say the least. A personal mistake in round 4, which means that they win the bonus round and then two huge tactical blunders in overtime situations on top. We win a single miraculous round with guns, but otherwise win only a single gunround. So we go to the half with 2-13. 

13 -16 - Dust2

From here we actually play an insanely nice match, where we push them all the way out with one good round after another. And for a brief moment, it almost looks like the impossible comeback is happening. However, a couple of gunrounds smoke in the end, so the match ends 13-16. With the hugely impressive T-side, it is infinitely disappointing and a pity that we performed so poorly on the CT side, so we leave the match empty-handed.

Mathias Maersk
Sports Director