16 - 14




Then came the redemption at long last, and even against the double-reigning Danish champions. Before the match, we put in place a good veto strategy to surprise them; so far we have not played our strongest map (re. overpass) in the Danish league, but only in the Nordic, so we knew they did not expect it. And during the match, we also make sure to make it as messy a performance as possible, as you know it from the world of football, where the smaller technical teams have to take advantage of some slightly bigger muscles and tough tackles. And it clearly seemed why we get ahead from the start of the match and actually hold the lead all the way through with the final numbers 16-14.

This means that we have now caught up with the neglected points we threw against Spirit of Amiga in round 1, understood in the sense that now we have won one we should not and lost one we should not (on paper). Now we go into the "easier" half of the match program and therefore hope to keep the momentum and make the final sprint as we know we can. There are still plenty of opportunities for a playoff spot, so that's still the big goal!
Mathias Maersk
Sports Director