DREAM.gg vs Lemondogs

DREAM.gg vs Lemondogs



2 - 1


11 - 16 - Train

After analyzing all of their HLTV matches since the turn of the year, we decided to make a small bet on the veto. We therefore vetoed forward to train, which is not our best map, but a map that Lemondogs has not won all year. However, that was to change. I actually felt like we were the best team throughout the match, but we are losing some very important rounds, which means we never got their CT finances broken down. On the CT side, we lose the gun round and their bonus buy, so before we looked around, we were 6-15 behind. We manage to claw back, but with so little room for error, it went no further than to 11-16.

19 -17 - Overpass

Then we had to go out on their strongest map, Overpass, where they have almost beaten everything and everyone they have run into. Again, we have a good profit from the start, but it remains a close affair. The teams follow each other all the way to the 9-9 numbers, after which the Lemondogs start running away with it. At 9-14, the boys put in a formidable final sprint on the T-side and actually manage to get at 15-14 with the chance to close out the match. It does not happen in the first place, but after a nice overtime, we win the match 19-17.

16 - 4 - Nuke

Then it was on Nuke in the crucial map. This was the folder we probably would have chosen if we did not veto our gamble. Therefore, we also felt comfortable having to play it. However, the Lemondogs went into the match with very impressive stats on the same map, where their worst HLTV result was a 17-19 defeat against world number #77. Our showdown was probably not covered by HLTV, but we still managed to give them a new negative record on the folder for this year, when we beat them from start to finish. Only one of the opponents, MODDII, managed to kill more than 10 - that's fucking HIGH class against so many former major players! It looked black, but we had a dream and it came true!


Hand on heart, this MVP role is given based on esportal's own rating system. It was something near impossible to nominate one player over the others as all five performed excellently.
Mathias Maersk
Sports Director