DREAM.gg vs Foxed

DREAM.gg vs Foxed



0 - 2

Foxed Gaming

Then it was Sunday, and thus another round of the Fragleague Nordic Top Division. Here we had to meet Foxed Gaming from the best Norwegian series, where in the just concluded season they finished in 5th place with the score 2-6-1. So we knew in advance that we were going to meet a crew that is clearly enormously strong on a few maps, but perhaps lacks a bit in width, hence the many draws in the Norwegian BO2 format. However, the bookmakers have us as the favorite for 1.36 at Bet365.

7 - 16 - Dust2

We started on Dust2, which was their map pick. Here it looks bad for the DREAM crew from a very early stage. Communication, our utility use and our collaboration are wasted. Foxed Gaming has obviously read a lot about us, where we might go into the match slightly smug on top of last week's huge success experience against Lemondogs. And it bit us in the ass. In short, we are driven around the manege by a better crew on the day. As a result, it never really gets exciting.

12 -16 - Nuke

Up with the head to the 2nd map, which was our home ground, Nuke. It was on this map where we really got to prove our level last week where we beat the Lemondogs 16-4. However, everything seems off again here, where we otherwise get a dream start on the T-side with a won gun round and a 3-0 lead. This is where we tend to be most toxic, but then there are several tactics that are simply wasted; holes in smokes, individual soloplays, hugely bad refrags, etc. So the lead gets thrown and we go to halfway with 5-10. From there, we actually also win the CT gun round, and if you stand with both gun rounds in your hands, and still manage to lose big, then you have been really poor. And that was the case with us, as we, despite the 5 rounds from the gun round, only manage to hit a total of 12, while the others take a full 16 gunrounds.

All in all, a poor performance that we may not be aware of, but it is people well aware across the board. The focus has been on calming the complacency and attacking each one with the same will and spirit. We do not have time to sulk, we have an important opening match already today against the winners of ESEA Intermediate, Spirit of Amiga. DAREtoDREAM.
Mathias Maersk
Sports Director